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upload speed confusion


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I'm confused about my upload speeds compared to speed tests, what it says it is, and what I actually get.

What it's supposed to have: up to 5mbit upload

What tests say: 377 KB/sec transfer rate (just one I copied and pasted but varies from 400s to high 300s)

What I get: Individual file sends max out around 80-100KB/sec but I can send multiple sends to the same person for a total of 380-400KB/sec of bw.

Why don't the sends max out individually? I came up with the idea that individual sends could be capped by the ISP, but then wouldn't bw test results come up capped as well? Is this a common thing?

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post some of your speed tests...  I looked up your username in the database but couldn't find anything.  When I looked you up with your IP address I found the following stats (from the compID that the IP associated with the post you just made)


Did you make your post on a different computer?  Because the upload only averages 166Kbps not the speed you stated.  Are you getting kB/s mixed up with Kbps?  It's VERY rare to have a 5Mbit upload, common to have a 5Mbit download though.  Are you sure that your upload isn't supposed to be 256Kbps?  Common speeds for uploads are as follows.

  • 128Kbps
  • 256Kbps    (I'm guessing that this is what your speed should be, because one of your results was 255Kbps)
  • 384Kbps
  • 512Kbps
  • 768Kbps
  • 1024kbps or 1Mbps (what I happen to have  :evil6:)

Availible upload speeds but VERY rare (usually only FIOS, business class DSL or cable in areas where FIOS is competition in the market)

  • 1536Kbps or 1.5mbps
  • 2048Kbps or 2Mbps
  • 5120Kbps or 5mbps

So are you sure you're not mistaken?  Post some of your tests... and check with your provider and see what your quotted speed is, then we will go from there.


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The only FASTER UPLOAD broadband web access i knew, is thru BROADBAND POWERLINE or BPL. The speed is the same upload and download. Check from this source: (http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com)

Current Communications BPL offers Symmetrical fast upload and download internet access via Powerlines: (http://broadbandoverpowerlines.blogspot.com/2006/12/current-communications-bpl-offers.html)

Hopefully, your Electric Power utility company will offer this service in the now.

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