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Kick Ass Mom.

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hehehe...that was great...

i used to pull the car over and make my kids pick up 3 pieces of trach plus find what they threw out the window if they littered...but this was great...i wanna kiss her...and he does to...u can tell he respects her so much :) ...go mom

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Good for her. So many wanna use time outs and medicine and blame everyone and everything for there kids messing up. I used spankings for my kids when they were little. Maybe twice a year dad had to put them over the ol knee. Just enough so they knew dad was not messing around. Now my kids are young adults I asked them how they felt about it. They all 3 said it would probally be the same thing they do with there kids. If done right, it is effective, and the issue was fixed and over in no time.

Seeing what this woman did to her son. That is what being a mom and a parent is all about. She loves her son. She cares. Good for her. Props to ya mom. Good Job.

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