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iPhone video and question..


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Nice vid  :haha: :haha:

I got mine this morning. and it works great. took about 2 minutes to buy, and got it activated within 6 minutes.

from my 20 minutes of playing with it, its by far the best phone ive ever used or seen.

So how is  it the best phone you ever used besides the touch screen? Just curious.  :grin2:
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So how is  it the best phone you ever used besides the touch screen? Just curious.  :grin2:

Just the overall experience is better on it then anyother smart phone. Things just work right. When a web page loads, it loads and looks just like it does on your desktop, unlike with a blackberry, or palm.

Photos on this thing are amazing, I put all the 1000's of pics of my daughter in here. And its the coolest way to show them off to me people. Because it just doesn't go to the next picture, since its touch you flick through it like a photo album. If you start a slide show it fades in between each picture.

The iPod kicks ass, The horizontal coverflow is the best way to sort though your music.

Its by far the best email client in a mobile device.

One of the best things is, when you want the device to sync with your address book, photos, music, video etc. it does. Ive never had or seen a phone sync correctly every time.

my only gripe with the phone is edge, its a bit slow in some areas.

the phone is downright super easy to use, typing takes alittle bit to get use too but once you do its faster then a keyboard on a smart phone.

My wife loved it so much, she made me go out and get her one, so now we got $1,272 on our credit card for 2 phones  :haha: :haha:

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