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whats the best roller coaster you've ridden ?


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Hi all: The best one for me was the Desperado located at Buffalo Bills casinso Jean ,Nevada.(about 40 miles from Las Vegas,Nevada).You actually board it inside the casino.It's first vertical drop is 225 feet into a tunnel.I prefer the front car.

Another good one (kind of a mild ride)is at Stratisphere casino Las Vegas,NV.it goes around the top of the Stratisphere tower 900 feet above ground level.

I also have ridden all at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington Texas probably the best group in one place.

In my home town the Texas Tornado is pretty good it has a tight loop with a lot of G force.

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:haha: No I love R.C riding I just haven't been on one in a long time and the one I like when I was a kid I cant remember the name of it.....L0L  I guess when ya get old the first thing to go is the memory.....and I cant remember what the other things are.....(lame) ha ha I did rid the one in L.V. but that was a while back.......

8) Microwave

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Hi junkeXL: I had heard of the Cyclone I never got to ride it.I remember seeing it advertised in comic books when I was a kid. The only wooden coasters I have ridden

are the Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags Over Texas & one at frontier amusement park in Oklahoma City I don't remember the name of this coaster.I like the wooden coasters they have a different feel & sound.The steel coasters are faster & can have loops & spirals. Both have their good points.

Hi Microwave: I didn't see the comment myself but thanks for putting out the flame.

  :cool:  Cholla

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the BEST one EVER is at cedar point in my home state of OHIO!!!

called the Top Thrill Dragster...........best fucking coaster ever..o-120 in 4 seconds up a 400 foot hill, FUCK TAHTS INSANE!


fucking INSANE

or then you cna go with the Millenium at cedar point........yet again...2nd tallest roller coaster in the world.......ohio owns you w/coasters =P


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