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20 Steps to Make SmartBro Faster

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the other thread reveals SiraComputer made his (or her  :smitten:) way to 500+ by following My 20 Steps (to stardom  :cheesy:) guide.

why is it not happening to you?

i think its a case to case basis. i followed those steps and only managed to get 400+, which is still inconsistent. i think my machine doesn't have enough power. maybe i need to buy a desktop.
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Well heres what i've done:

At 1st My Connection Rarely Reached 300kbps Assuming 20-25kb/s DL

After (thorough) reading forum guides about tweaking heres what I get on following coolbuster2007's guide:

1st Tweak The 20 steps:


2nd Tweak Adjusted Some Values In CableNut Coz The 1st Tweak Was Unstable:


3rd Tweak I Used The Values Of Scale Factor Of 8 And 4 Instead Of 4 And 2

I Used CableNut/CCleaner/TuneUp Utilities 2007


Tested My Connection If It Was Stable: Yahoo Messenger/Kaspersky Anti-Virus/BitComet (Downloading 5 Torrents) Are Running


:cheesy: Yep! For Those Of You Who Will Ask If I'm Near The Base Station, Actually Its Very Far. My Neighbors Only Get 180-200+ Speed


Yes Having A Large Disk Space In Drive C: Helps! Before I Only had 10gb Of Free Space And Had 400+ After Formatting I Partitioned It Allocating 20gb Of Space To Drive C:

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i guess the reason for my fluctuating speed is a base station defect...

or perhaps, i'm just mistaken...

@siracomputer, taking into account the time i have been using my hard disk, i think the reason for this mess is way beyond its size...but then, i do not remove the possibility that it could affect my pc performance...

haaaay...i wish i could have those speeds like yours...hehehe... :sad:

its been all day wrecked speed for me...a situation i have never experienced ever since i had my smart bro connected... :sad: :sad: :sad:

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@SiraComputer -  i have been tweaking for a long time. my problem is that my laptop doesn't just have enough power, and i have very little room to upgrading it. i already did tweak my settings, which choke my connection. i do get high speeds, in fact i experience no lag time while playing online games. if i try to squeeze out more speed, my hardware won't be able to keep up. so i have to make do with what i already have.

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actually, im getting consistent hyfalutin speed from IE. rangin from 600+kbps to 11000+ kbps while im gettin 150kbps to 250kbps from firefox. I trust my the firefox result better but i'm kinda gettin this funny feeling that im using the wrong browser and that i must use my IE more...

@ SiraComputer: what browser did you use while doing those tests? IE or firefox?

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most people will tell you that IE gives better speed test results, but firefox has faster browsing speed. so use IE for speed tests, and firefox for everything else. also, opera is even faster than firefox based on my experience, but firefox is more customizable with its plug ins. so if you think you can sacrifice firefox's features for more speed, try using opera.

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