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New Apple iMac


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What do you guys think?

It looks damn sexy, and i bet that glass screen looks amazing.....

Very nice specs too...

up to 2.8Ghz Core 2 Extreme

4GB ram max

ATI 2600HD 256mb

up to 1TB hard drive


Firewire 400 & 800  :grin2:

802.11N Wi-FI

Bluetooth 2.0

New Keyboard.

20" & 24" versions.

I really like the new keyboard.

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stick that thing to the wall, wireless keyboard and you have a nice system to run vista...

and yeah, the apple prices have gotten very nice. still high, but it is high end kit.

$1200 bucks is still well worth it for that computer.

I went to the apple store on my way home from work and it looks amazing. The best screen i have ever seen.

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Wonder if they are using the old cinema display technology in these?  They look pretty nice but still not a fan of the all-in-one design... If I were to buy a desktop I want a tower..

from what i have read, and seen its a whole new display. and it looks really good. I'm hoping to get one here in the next few weeks.

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yea but lets take a look at the iphone i mean a pc or labtop isnt enough  :azn:

i have an iphone, and it was worth every penny i paid for it. I would have paid a $1000 for it. and everyone i run into wishes they had one...

and you may pay more for a apple product but in the end you get more and better quality for your money.

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yea but i have a cell phone and all u should need it for is calling people or sending text messages that all i see a cell phone being used for  :cool:

well there is a cell phone, then there is a smart phone. Big difference, its not for everyone but those people who want/need a smart phone this is the best one. even if you just use the phone and maybe the other stuff now and then its the best phone ive used. The only complaint i have with it is edge, but i'm just about always near a wifi access point so its ok.

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Yeah, I wouldn't pay that much for a smartphone that isn't that even GREAT, only costs so much because of the brand and the 3" screen which is touchscreen... but hey each one has their own personal opinion and we all have different taste. Well back to the main topic... as for the new iMacs I like A LOT, but the screen isn't that much to brag for and say its the "BEST" screen I've seen... I have seen better but still a beautiful looking apple product that I'm going to get, because I like it A LOT.  :grin2:

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