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I would just like to ask you guys who are well practiced in ecommerce. My country (Philippines) is not yet that popular for such practice. Yes, in some areas here they do simple online purchases and stuff (anything with "e" at the beginning) but money transfer is commonly done through western union (well, at least from my experience).

My boss (a German) suddenly had this idea of sending my monthly salary (in euros) through moneybookers.com. I've done the whole procedure and got my account number, problem is, my bank isn't familiar with it (although they say it can be done - w/c then confuses me more) and my boss is really pushing me with it. I already told him my bank does not offer such method but the truth is, I just don't have any idea how the whole thing works. He said he'll do the transaction next week... or rather next year.. coz I already gave him my moneybookers account number. Is it really that safe and easy? Pardon my ignorance. :idiot2:

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u know what i don't see anything about philippines in the countries listed...


sounds pretty fishy to me...and almost every country has a fee to take ur money out...

i would tell him in no uncertain terms...not to pay me that way...and close my occount there...there is no reason that he can't pay u thru ur bank...or mail u a check

this looks like some sort of scam to me...wow...i dunno...that's just my opinion

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First of all thanks for the response. I don't think my boss is capable of doing such coz I've known him for almost 10 years (I worked for him before in '95; resigned in '99; called back in @ 2001). But still.... hmmm(???). I haven't heard from him yet since then (probably he's off somewhere...again) and still no money. Wiring the money through my account was the method before and maybe he wanted to go "techie" or something and thought of mb (I really can't think of a reason). I've also read in some polls somewhere that people in Europe practice this thing and doesn't get much problems with it. Since my country is not listed, maybe that will be enough reason to tell him it won't work (at least there's a solid reason). I still have 3 days to convince him. Again, thanks. :grin2:

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