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Stanislav Petrov...I could kiss this guys ass.

tommie gorman

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Reading the story I would shake his hand and thank him to play it down as he seems to want as any normal person might do. We all have our own way of giving recognition, your out there buddy.  :roll:

Considering he may have saved 70% of the earths population from nuclear annihilation I would say you could do better. If he wouldnt have acted in the way he did I imagine people would have LINED UP to kiss his ass to stop their families and children from nuclear death. Dont forget nuclear winter that could destroy 95% of the pop with only 20 nukes being detonated from each side. (I watch history channel)  :evil6: :evil6: I was surprised at the effect 20 nukes from the US and Russia would have on the entire world... Scary.
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