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Computer Freezes at motherboard logo screen


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I had a power surge a few days ago and my computer was on so it instantly shut down but now when i try and start it up it only makes to the motherboard logo screen where it gives you option to go to bios or post screen, etc.  But when i clear the cmos i am able to go all the way to windows and the computer works like normal but if i do shut it down it will do the same thing again unless i clear cmos.

BTW i got a amd x2 4200

gigabyte ga-m61p-s3

2gigs kingston value ram

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Couple Ideas,

If you know the manufactor of your motherboard, download the drivers and reinstall.

Lastly you may try to reflash your bios. If you decided to do this make sure to ask someone the best way to do it. Personally

I have never done it, so I can offer no help, No worries these guys will step up and help if thats the route you decide to go.

While I have no clue on the cost, maybe replace the motherboard battery first and see what happens. Start with the simple then work your way up. Goodness Have I learned that the hardway  :haha:

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okay I left it at the motherboard logo screen and took a walk and came back and it was in windows so now its working it just takes a very long time at the logo screen before it goes into windows.  Why does it do this?

Un plug all of your hard drives, and DVD/CD drives and boot, see if it goes faster.

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Go to Device Manager and check if you Primary and Secondary IDE are in DMA mode. If you can't get it in to DMA mode and thats the problem. Go into Bios and enable DMA.

its in dma mode, so i know thats not the problem, im going to start taking things out to try and find the problem

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