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windowsXP SP3


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I have used it since it was an RC. Its makes it run a little smoother and makes sure you have all the updates you might have missed. If you are using WMP10 and don't want to up grade to WMP11 make sure you uncheck the box. Same goes for IE6 and IE7. You can always uninstall them in Add & Remove Programs and they will revert back. SP3 is more of a benefit than a bad thing! :wink:

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Like Coknuck I have use SP3 since the RC version and have not had any problems with it. I do not use WMP10 or WMP11 and I do not use IE7 much. For a media player I use VLC media player and I use Firefox for my browsers. Both work fine with SP3. This is my Folding@Home computer which runs 24/7.

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:?::?: :?::?: :?::?: :?:

according to the SP3 overview this is one of the new features of SP3 "Black Hole" Router Detection

"Black Hole" Router


Windows XP SP3 includes improvements to black hole router detection

(detecting routers that are silently discarding packets), turning it on by


how do i turn black hole router detection "OFF"???......coz i read it somewhere that by turning it ON will somehow affect the speed of the internet connection.

or is it true that by turning it ON will affect the speed??

:?::?: :?::?: :?:

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I have added it to 8+ computers with no problem ,

also slipstreamed it to my original XP pro disk , and just loaded my new home built computer without the need to use sp1 or 2 ,

Never had a crash or Blue screen with Xp pro , I never had that with M.E either ,

Yeah ,my middle name is lucky  :lol:


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