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Tech support makes baby jesus cry.  :-|

I Emailed my ISP yesterday... (or was it today.. o_O..ill look at the date later)  asking of other packages that have better upload rates..... and this is what they told me..

Hi, Iv been an Earthlink Customer for some time

now, and i was wondering if their are any other packages available for

us other than the " 5000/386 " and the premium "8000/512" package.

I ask this because i rarely use the download, but uploading is an issue. 700

kbs download is good , great actually, but the 40 kbs upload is the

problem. Is their anyway to setup a symmetric type account? Like

2000/2000 or 1500/1500 or things of that nature? I ask because iv heard

' Other' isp's will be setting up packages such as this in the near future, but

I'm very happy with my current cable service and do not want to switch.

Is this at all possible, please let me know!

Thank you for contacting us.

We understand your concern regarding the upload speeds of the cable connection.

The most effective way to resolve this issue is to power cycle your cable modem.

This will reset the modem for optimal performance. Use the following instructions

to assist you with power cycling your cable modem:

Note: You will need to power down your computer. Please make sure all your data

is saved.

1. Close all applications and shut down the computer

2. Turn the computer power OFF

3. Unplug your cable modem, making sure the power is OFF

4. Wait 1-3 minutes to ensure that the modem is completely reset

5. Plug your modem back in making sure the power is back ON

6. Turn the computer power back ON

This should fix the most common problems including slow transfer rates.

:whaa:  um.....

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Thank you for your reply.

We apologize for the confusion caused.

We understand your concern that you would like to know if EarthLink provides any

Symmetric speed for Cable connections.

Currently we do not offer the Symmetric speed option for Internet connection wherein

the Upload and Download Speeds are same.

Please note that the Broadband connection speeds has been devised in such a way

that the download speed is more than the upload speed based on the assumption that

customers download activities are more from the upload activities.

:( Damnit.....

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