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Loud Fan in PC


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Hey guys just wondering if anyone has an easy solution.....I have one of the HP Slimline PCs and it works great for the kids to play on but when the fan kicks in it is LOUD....Not to mention it seems to come on every few seconds then run for a few and so on............Is there anyway to quite this down or at least find out why it seems to be running to often?

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Maybe it's the video card fan? Open the case and see.

Update the driver to see if it changes the fan speed, etc.. This thread below says that does help.

Heres a HP thread that should help you with this particular problem..


And make sure you have plenty of open space around that particular PC.

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Sounds like it is time to get a can of compressed air, open up the case, and give all the fans and heat sinks a good cleaning.

And a fan that starts making noise that it didn't used to make means it is time to replace the fan.

That what i was thinking. If it hasn't been clean for a while its probably due  Yeah them fans dont last forever.
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I have a laptop that does the same thing, but it is not on and off as often, as advised above, it may need cleaning out for many reasons.

If you smoke in the house it is likely to build up a sticky film across the components and collect dust easier, it just may need to be blown out with some air, usually this is a sign of heating up internally, there is sensors on the CPU, maybe the GPU and very possibly the case has a temp sensor on the MOBO.

It could also be restricted from getting enough air to cool with, check for spacing around as advised above, make sure all inlet and outlet ports have enough room around them to breath, feel where the exhaust fan is and see if there is enough airfow from it and see if it feels hot.

Has it always done this? how old is the computer?  

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