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Is it OK to use the wired and wireless connection at the same time?


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I have an HP PC that has built in wireless as well as ethernet.  Will enabling the wireless hurt my connection or is it ok to use both at the same time?

I have all adapters enabled, there will be no IP conflicts due to the use of DHCP.

On another note for sparky,  on my mac, I can reach greater throughput by using wireless, I can't say why or how though.  :shrug:  As a rule , I believe your right in saying that wireless will be slower then wired.

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Its fine to use both at the same time although I cant imagine why you would want to actively use both at once. If your asking if it is ok to unplug your Ethernet cable and go wireless without disabling the wired yea thats fine. Like someone said unless your right in front of the router you will get a performance decrease when going to wireless, especially with security like encryption enabled. It is easy to disable and enable a network connection. Just go to network connections, right click on your wired or wireless connection and then go to disable or enable.  :grin2:

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