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Hi peeps


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Hi i'm new here and glad i found ya. :-)

I'm running an I.P webcam showing off my fishtank. This is running via a D-Link router and i'd like to see how many people have visited my webcam. Is there any logging programmes that will keep a list of all these visitors, one that will work on a mac OS?

Ta very much.


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Well my webcam has it's own ip adress so it just plugs into the router and can be accessed via the web. The address is  leicestercity.viewnetcam.com no need for www.

Hmm. Im not sure. Does that service you use not offer stat tracking? I take it they dont. I havent messed with webcams much, maybe someone will come along with a better answer.
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First, no one will access the cam without the prefix "http://" and "www" then whatever you have named the directory ( camera ) , and you must setup the router to allow it. Even you will not access it from another machine without the proper prefix.  example " IP address " or /IP/camera/who knows " see what I mean ?

There will be some sort of setup involved within your router, that will be the most important thing. And I'm sure there must be some software that you can configure the cam with. There will also be the firmware the cam uses for internal control. Granted, I'm no camera guru by any means, so maybe you can post which cam you have, and what software your using, and what router you have, so we can see your cool fish tank, I have a fish tank as well, and a cam, maybe I could do the same.

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This is the correct address, please try it and you will see.  leicestercity.viewnetcam.com    It is being hosted by viewnetcam.

So your telling me that no one needs the location, it will just "be there" ?  Look, it does work,(and it's cool) !

The browser will automatically add the prefix, well, nevermind, I was just trying to shed light, I jumped in where I shouldn't have  :)

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