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Re: testmy.net Dual Test Score

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:tongue2: I'm gonna spank you, Tommie

LOL, sorry, you posted when I did and it went after yours.........I meant the post for Tommie...I modified it.  :wink::haha:

Let me look through my paddle collection to see if one is long enough for the two of you at the same time. (Kidding)

Gotta catch me first.  :evil: And get a footstool to be tall enough.  :evil6:

 Footstool??... What are you, the jolly green giant or something.??  I ain't no F#@&ing midget either. And catching you won't be a problem ..I run like the wind. :evil::smitten:

okay... what's up with u two...???...playing tag all over the boards???...we need a special board called the "tmn motel room-adults only" :haha: then pixie can whip tommie like he needs...tommie can take two hooters for his headache and call his dr in the morning


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