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in need of a new router..

Guest kamil234

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...wtf is wrong with this site it keeps saying i replied less than 60 seconds ago..

I had it do that to me once. I rebooted and it hasn't happened since!

If I log in and then try to post within a minute, it keeps on happening. Been to lazy to file a note about it.  :buck2:

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I'm thinking it's a feature that ensures people don't spam the crap out of the board, it may be set to short. Dunno, just a guess, but I'll forward it.

Maybe it got turned on, due to the occasional post lately that is a content spammer. You may only notice it as there being a ad link in the posts text, or as a signature spam content. They are quite interesting to read. Almost good English and the reply matches the thread, but missing enough verbs/adverbs, etc. to make you scratch your head.

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