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guys I have a question about globe broadband..


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   YES!!!!!!!!!    PLDT is pretty good too. Don't put too many splitters on that line.  It will eat up your signal.

plz read the title of the topic...I`m askng about globe broadband not pldt

wank2124...welcome to the forum...

did you read the rules??...we are very serious about being polite...

you told the first person that responded (news4la) to read the topic title...how about YOU please re-read his response to your question...it was very helpful

he said that pldt was ALSO pretty good...and gave you advice about splitters...

maybe you mis-read his post...but just a little warning...rudeness and sniping will not be tolerated...you asked for help and someone (news4la) responded with a very helpful response that actually answered your question and gave advice as well...

nuff said...just a warning...be nice!!

and btw...bumping threads is not allowed either...please re-read the forum rules...you'll find them in "general discussion" it's a sticky by CA3LE...you can't miss it...

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ok xori..I forgot the first reply..tnx

tdawnaz whats ur net??

 Just curious, what does that mean ?  "whats ur net "  , I mean the last time I was asked that, was when I bought a crap load of motherboards , sold em all in a week, and someone wanted to know what I made  :haha:
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go to smartbro or pldt but not Globe broadband. I subscribed to them and only for one month, the rest of it is flat zero.

:tickedoff: i called them so many times but their line was flat dead. So finally i went to their office just to find out thier goddamn line was knockout for the entire grid of Luzon.

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