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$75 million of Taxpayers Money to Crash Craft into the Moon.


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I dont understand this country sometimes . . . . with so many people out of work, people starving, people with no place to live.... WHY should I care if the moon has ICE OR WATER below its surface...??????

Of course, the taxer payers foot this fill @ 75 million.......Dont we have better things to be inquiring about?

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I never really understood the full function of NASA anyway, except blowing assloads of money with little gain....

Has a hyperactive five-year-old taken over as the director of NASA? It sure seems like it. On Friday morning, an unmanned spacecraft launched in June will crash into the moon's surface. On purpose.

Anyone not named Michael Bay is likely to ask why. Here's the answer: NASA wants to know if the twin impacts of the Lunar Crater Observation and its Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) will reveal any ice or water under the moon's surface.

Finding out shouldn't be an issue. When the twin crafts hit the lunar surface at around 6,000 mph, NASA expects "plumes of moon dust

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You should be glad it is spent on scientific stuff, and not on war. NASA has a tiny budget, and yet they're one of the few who try to go beyond earth. Would you rather want that 79 million spent in a few minutes for a war which can't be won?

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hey man, the owners of this country convinced the government it was a good idea....we have no freedoms except what kind of fast food do you want today?....its an illusion of freedom, in which people give up more freedom to think they are safer....we cant win so we might as well make the best of it... :evil6::haha::lol:

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This country is well on it's way to complete and utter destruction. The pukes in office, ALL offices, are in it for the money and power, massive corporations are in complete control,the ones that are not , are nothing more then grubs that feed on instilling fear, so that  progressive leniinists cohort along side the way of egalitarianism to make the weakest of minds believe that there purpose is to set up a gift economy of sorts because everyone wins and no one should ever have anything more , or other then another, all the while conspiring to further the ever expanding tentacles of babylon.

>>>>> here's a little bit of why I call the US babylon, because IT IS !

So no, I would rather have no space exploration, no worthless war, no crashing into any planet anywhere until we as a people look at our brother and denounce the idealist perverted mindset that has not only taken morals, but value of life intentionally for the soul purpose of domination.

There are more powers that are in control then 99% of the people would ever open up to begin to understand, let alone be objective enough to perceive what is actually happening.  

It's a disgusting yet perfect portrayal of what has been written, fulfilling every prophecy in complete order.

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I fully agree and more compuguybna. War is not the necessary expense from that cash. I say as always were wasting billions of dollars when we'll never live there anyway. I say under the ocean. I mean for gods sakes, would you rather get with it with an alien? Or  gorgeous Mermaid. The politicians are nuts.  :tickedoff: I think I know where I'd put my money.  :smitten:

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