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Miss Guided Or Lied To


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I just got me another ISP and I made them aware that their speeds were not as advertised . As the conversation proceeded they instructed me to go to their speed site and sure enough it was(their speeds) as advertised imagine that. What is the next step in the process get another ISP OR?

Thanks Fred

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Who's the ISP? We could test to their speed test to see if the speed is accurate from outside the ISP's network(if they allow outside users that is). Edit: """ I see a cable ISP in your area(your signature location) has an internal network based test. is an internal network(LAN) IP range.("ISP customers only" noted on it's link) """

Saw a review posting(couple of years ago) for a small ISP in Alberta that hacked the customers DNS lookup to divert outside speed test site links to their own server. Such a crime.

Some ISP's don't have enough capacity to the Internet and they make a test from the user to their server to show nothing wrong at all(which is stage one of diagnosing Internet slowness problems), unless you need to surf the Internet at advertised speeds that is. Some companies 'up to' are such a joke compared to actual speed.

Is Comcrap available? Or is the local CableCo the only one? Maybe DSL is available?

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That ISP Xipline(cable based operator) has the internal based speed test that I mentioned. Now it depends on how much slower he is than the package speed listed.

And the other thing is to make sure there are not any splitters on the cable line he is connected too. Only split in the DeMarc box

(grey box on house) and then a dedicated run to the modem.

But since the ISP speed test is showing good, that may not be a problem.

A tracert could also be run to here to see if any bottle necks outside of the ISP.

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