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4th Of July 1776 -2010


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Happy 4th of July everyone...be safe and no drinking and driving...what a great day for an Independence Day

and on this day also remember our first responders...they will be busy...please be sure they aren't busy with you...

we're headed to the festivities...

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And the "Right to blow stuff up on the 4th of July", is fun until you lose an arm. But at least it wasn't his head. So he's not in the top end running for this years Darwin award. http://www.darwinawards.com/


4th of July News: Fireworks Blow of Man’s Arm in NY and More

July 4th, 2010

4th of July News: Fireworks Blow of Man’s Arm in NY and More. Independence day is here, and everyone is getting ready to shoot off some fireworks. There are rules and regulations in place, and some fireworks are illegal. There is a reason for this, as one New York City man discovered the hard way. Eric Smith went to light a firework, didn’t back away in time, and then got his arm torn off as the firework went off.

Not only did Eric Smith lose his arm, but the city may bring charges against him because the fireworks were illegal. Smith was rushed to the hospital with his arm packed in ice, but the medical officials were unable to re-attach his arm to his body. He’s going to survive.

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