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Got Quiet


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It got quiet in here, what happened to everyone, lol?

Still recovering from a crash of the forum structure... it's been a big rebuild. There is still heavy traffic to the site but most of it is on the testing side.

It takes time to rebuild after such a major incident. But I believe that everything happens for a reason. The forums here are now built on a much stronger structure.

Also, social networking sites have killed forums around the entire internet. <_< But, I'm hoping with the deeper integrations that we now have with such sites more people will start using the forums again.

Times change... the internet changes. And with me being the only programmer for the site it can take time to adjust to those changes. It's literally taken me a year to get this new forum tuned in... to completely convert over such a major building block of the site was no easy task. Plus, I had to learn a completely different system. I knew SMF like the back of my hand, deep into it's programming core. But IPB is a completely different beast but I'm now very comfortable with it, I can't wait till more of our users are too.... it's a thousand times better.

On top of all that... I'm rebuilding the other side of the site as well. I've been working 12-16 hour days and nearly 7 days a week. Seriously.

Thank you for your continued patronage... start some threads ;) -- many people are just being shy... I can see them reading stuff though. :evil6:


P.S. When that happened I could have easily reverted to a backup... but I got so frustrated I said, "SCREW IT!" -- SMF had let me down in the past... hackers messed with it more than a few times and I figured it was time to rebuild anyways. It more than served its purpose for the site but it got to a point where it was holding me back. I have some unorthodox approaches sometimes but hey... if I did things like everyone else then this site wouldn't be unique now would it. [nerdly]

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Hughesnet itself has improved by leaps and bounds as well. Even as I talk now I am fapped and I could never do that a year ago, so I suspect people have less to complain about as the wildblue forums everywhere are still going strong, lol. Like I said elsewhere on here, I am impressed with the new site and all the work you throw into. Thanx a million for all that hard work and the most accurate spped test on the internet for satellite.

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Hey, I just thought I would tell you something you may already know and might not be able to do anything about, lol. With Hughesnet I have to test twice to get an accurate result and I have seen others say that as well. The first test always starts at about 15% finished or so and always gives an inflated result but the second one is always accurate and starts at 0% when the page loads like it should. It isn't any big deal or anything and it has been that way for me at least for several years, I just wasn't sure if you were aware of it or not.

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