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Why Below Host Average On Test When Near My Cap?


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I haven't tested here in quite awhile. I am puzzled why the 50MB download test claims that my score is below host average. My score is reasonably close tp my cap and there is is no higher speed here. I don't appreciate Mainland speeds in huge cities where my ISP has to be competitive as having any relevance to Hawaii where there is no competition. It should give me almost 5 stars not 1! Plus, it would appear that you are rating these tests on how much money someone is willing to spend on their connection. I don't have $300 a month to spend so I can get 100mbps down (which is available here in a swanky community on the other side of this island..where Michael Dell has a home).

Also, I did two tests. The first one was a combined download/upload automatic determination of best test and I was told that my speed was so high that "your line may literally be on fire! 368% of your host average. That test was at 3.83mbps/913kbps. Then I did a single download test of 50MB and was told "50% below your hosts average" at 4.4mbps.

Those tests were both on Road Runner. Obviously, 4.4mbps is better than 3.83mbps so why the wacko comments that make no sense? My cap is 5mbps and that is the limit on this hawaiian island. Oahu is getting an increase currently to 10mbps but we on the neighbor islands will not get it until next year. So, for me I am not testing "below my ISP's average! I am testing (on the large - more accurate download test) reasonably close to my cap. I don't care what the cap is on Mainland RR. That is not relevant to Hawaii and my island. You should report that my speed is just fine ...not horrible! As for the first test, what the heck happened there?

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The discrepency is actually a bug. That percentage is for your upload only on the combined test.

Your upload is faster than RR's average but not your download. You have to also realize that the averages are currently for your host nationwide. RR has many markets.

Future versions of the site will attempt to compare your scores with more geographically targeted information. As for that average 'bug' on the combined test. I'll squash that one with a quickness, it's been in the back of my mind for a while now. I need to provide averages for both tests types to clear any confusion.

I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for your patronage.


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