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My New Toy (Netgear Readynas NV+)


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I am quickly running out of storage space on my servers and I needed an effective way of expanding that storage and having some redundancy would also be nice. I looked into just building a basic server and put a bunch of drives in on Raid 5 but thats not really cost effective since I really need a way to expand as I go and you can't really expand a traditional raid with out rebuild it. I looked into a few other things but everything I came across wasn't cost effective or worked with in my power requirements since I'm going to be using it in a colo.

I came across the Netgear Readynas NV+ and its a pretty sweet little product. I paired it with 4 of these 2 TB hard drives http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148681

I went with 5900 RPM drives because I needed to use as little power as I can since I'm paying for the power and I wanted less heat. Plus it didn't hurt that they performed better then the WD 7200RPM 2TB drives.

I like the Readynas because if a drive fails, I just have to pop in another drive and it rebuilds the data for that drive automatically. It's pretty fast too, I'm getting about 35 MB/s read and 17 MB/s write. The write speed should go up once its in the datacenter because the switch will support Jumbo Frames, my current router doesn't support that feature.

Right now, it has 5.4 TB of protected usable storage space. If this box works out good I will be upgrading to the NVX which has more twice the read/write speed and can support 3TB drives.

My only complaint is that the fan likes to rev up and down randomly even when the box isn't being used, or just by going in the control panel.


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That thing is awesome! Now THAT's storage space :-P

Yea its a pretty good amount. Should hold me off from needed more space for 3 - 4 Months.

Once my host gets there new DC open tho I'm probably going to just build my own custom nas using a program called unRAID with 22 3 TB hard drives for a 66TB nas. Now thats some storage space. :twisted:

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