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Upload test page hangs


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Ok, what am I doing wrong if anything.  The download test works fine.  However, when I try the upload test, it hangs on the screen saying it is downloading the test data.  The window never goes away and the test never starts


Running Window 7 with IE11.



Edit Note:  Booted Win XP and both upload and download work fine.




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Just tested on a win7 box with ie 11 , it's working as expected here. Have you run a traceroute to testmy.net, and how does the ping look, on the effected machine.


 I am wondering if you might have changed the user agent string ?


To run a traceroute...

  • Windows Start > Run > type CMD [enter] > from the command prompt type tracert google.com and/or tracert testmy.net
  • Linux / Mac Under Applications/Utilities open 'Terminal' > type traceroute google.com and/or traceroute testmy.net

Paste those results here.
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Ran a traceroute from command window as you suggested and it ran okay.



I have tried every way possible to paste the results into this reply window to no avail.  I can copy the test file I created from the tracert but no way will it paste into this reply window.  If you know the secret let me know.



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Okay, I went to my IE advanced setting and hit "reset", rebooted the computer and now I can do the upload test okay.  Don't know what was causing it as I have not changed anything default setting since I put Win 7 on this computer.


However, I still cannot copy and paste into this reply window.  I clicked on paste and said yes to allow editor to access my clipboard, but still won't paste.  Any suggestions ?



Edit:  Just for grins, I went to another forum that I am a member of and had no problem pasting the tracert into a reply window there.  So I'm lost as to why its not working here.

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I clicked on the icon on the top left of the reply window, BBcode Mode ?? and then I was allowed to paste. Not sure why it would not work otherwise.

Tracing route to testmy.net []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms

2 8 ms 7 ms 6 ms

3 8 ms 11 ms 8 ms 173-219-249-84-link.sta.suddenlink.net []

4 27 ms 25 ms 27 ms 173-219-249-57-link.sta.suddenlink.net []

5 * 26 ms 26 ms 173-219-245-11-link.sta.suddenlink.net []

6 25 ms 27 ms 26 ms te1-5.bbr01.eq01.dal01.networklayer.com []

7 28 ms 27 ms 28 ms ae5.dar01.sr01.dal05.networklayer.com []

8 38 ms 26 ms 25 ms po1.fcr04.sr03.dal05.networklayer.com []

9 26 ms 27 ms 30 ms []

Trace complete.

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Yes, the last few tests were run booting into Win 7.  All seems to be okay now, don't know what caused the problem, but the IE reset seemed to fix it.





Edit:  Just ran up/down tests and upload is okay, download was in the toilet.  Was getting around 2 Mb/s to Dallas about 200 miles from me.  Changed it to east coast and got around 20 Mb/s.  Dang, hope I don't start having problems with Suddenlink again, it been running great for months.

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Your symptoms wreak of malware.


Just to clean up a bit I would first grab rkill - download to desktop


But before running rkill,  grab old spybot v.1.6 and malwarebytes free,

Install both spybot and malewarebytes but do not run them.


Run rkill -- leave rkill shell open --

Then run spybot - update the definitions, goto advanced, click ie tweaks, and use the hosts file

-  Run immunize - twice - run once from the popup after update then run from the icon at the top

-  Be cautious what setting you change in advanced

-  Then run spybot, it will take quite some time depending on how much data is stored.

-  Then allow it to run on reboot when it asks, this will take a while as well.


After in which run malewarebytes.


Make sure to set defaults in security settings in IE - if you need specific settings for whatever reason , punch holes in after the default settings are in place.

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"Your symptoms wreak of malware."


No, they reek of Suddenlink problems, had them many times before.  Fact is, I've never had any virus/malware since I first started using computers in 1979.  I keep my machines squeaky clean.


I already have S/B Search & Destroy and keep my host file definitions up to date weekly, sometime I manually edit them.

I also run a virus scan weekly and keep off the malicious web sites, you know which ones I mean....


Just did a download test and I'm back up to normal, around 40 Mb/s.


But thinks for your concern.

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  • 2 months later...

Wow, my last post was in Feb....LOL.   Ca3le must be in Colo  eating brownies !!


No, as I stated in a post above, all is good now after I did the reset of IE 11.  Getting around 1.5 Mb/s up and around 40 Mb/s down, except during peak evening hours it slows.

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I haven't seen this thread earlier. The issue "reeks" of a slightly more "complicated" than average webpage, which requires a browser update to work. I got this problem in Opera 10 earlier this month. Opera 12 works just fine. (On Windows XP.)

Problem with MSIE and most common browsers is that they don't really let the user see what is going on (like a power user's browser would) to identify the precise moment where the connection breaks, or at what speed the transfer is proceeding while it is working. In my case with Opera I could see that the "data" was fully downloaded as indicated by the progress on the status bar, but the upload of it never began. Browser didn't even try to establish the other connection (which the network might not permit).

MSIE 8 also works from XP. But while download is taking place it says "Waiting for page" or something like that (I have a translated MSIE). And while it is uploading it says "Ready". The page is by no means "ready" and is in fact very busy uploading.

But how typical from M$. To get a webpage to work, you have to change either a large chunk of your system by installing a new Explorer (also affecting the file browser), or pay the Microsoft tax for an entirely new system (Seven in this case).

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