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how testmy.net may get some free press


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CA3LE - take a look at this;  




Comcast assigning DHCP to NYC TWCable customers?  government officials and the media may grow interested in this new trend - well before the Comcast+TWCable merge is approved.


testmy.net is in the unique position (particularly in NY and LA) of being able to accumulate solid data showing the growing number of Comcast IP managed TWCable last mile connections (in areas Comcast never was) and post it in a media presentable format.

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NVM, I guess you are not following the news.


anyway, you may want to put some disclaimer on your sight about testing over 100mbps,

because a lot of people in NY,LA,Austin will be getting 200 and 300 service by year end.


Following the news is one thing, there are many new items being told of daily, maintaining a test site and developing new features is another. As well as hosting hundreds if not thousands of databases of geographical / ISP related bandwidth such as testmy.net does. 


We rely not only on the tech news streams, as well as user input, so thank you for contributing. 

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