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Odd Results Plots


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Here's a strange one the results plots, where I'm viewing both the Download and the Upload plots simultaneously. When selecting "iPad Detected", the data points of the Upload plot don't align vertically withe the Download data points. They used to until the last day or two. It looks as though the Upload plot is centered on the graph rather than lining up with the left most point of the Download plot above it. When I select "Den/Study", it plots lined up OK. It views this way on both my Mac and my iPad. I'll take some screen shots and post for clarity.

Here's the one displaying the behavior.

The one above is iPad Detected results. The pic below is Den/Study results.


It appears to me that the iPad Detected upload plot is on a different x-axis scale than the download plot. There's the right number of data points in each (there's more points in the download plot because I did more download tests).

Note: The data plotted contains results from separate Upload and Download tests. And there's not an equal number of test data points.

Also, I'm not objecting to it displaying this way. I'm just noting that it's different for the iPad Detected than it is for the Den/Study which looks the way it has always looked.



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It used to be that if there were more of one type than the other it would line up on the left, then you could look at the plot and count the number of points more there were on one or the other. Like I said, not a problem, just a feature that changed somehow. You can always look at the table and see how many more of one there is.

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