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Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

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So it's been months and no resolution with Comcast. Including zero response from the Comcast rep who posted in this very forum who claimed they were going to help.


I've talked with corporate today about giving me a "trial" of the Extreme speed which is somewhere around 105 DOWN/ 10 UP. Ran a few more speed tests and same results: poor.


Comcasts speed tests on the other hand show 126 DOWN/ 24 UP. Again, same issues as before. TMN shows real speeds> technicians call it unreliable> Techs use Comcast speed test> Speed test show awesome speeds> techs leave.


I then decided to purchase my own modem JUST TO MAKE SURE. No dice. No change. I then contacted Motorola (my modem, which is the SURFboard SBG6580) to see if they can help me out. They ran me through testing my power levels to my downstream. Here is a screen shot: http://gyazo.com/6f7f8e655b10da00db9b1c29da89711d





According to the rep I spoke with, my power levels are too high and need to be as close to zero as possible. He said with that high of a power level, it would distort my speed test by that much.


Does anyone have any insight? Thoughts? Comments?

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https://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/internet/data-usage-what-are-the-different-plans-launching/ Edit: There's the status on my connection to the US/DS for comparison. I'm pulling 45/10

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Queue the month long headache...

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  • 6 months later...

After 14 months of a perfect 25 down, 5 up residential package with Comcast, since this past June, my upload has been showing similar results to what y'all are speaking of, and Comcast is giving me the same bullshit runaround.  Even after corporate increased my package to the "blast" 80 down, 10 up, I'm still seeing inconsistencies pop up for a number of hours and then disappear and be completely fine for a while.  It's making it impossible for me to stream to Twitch on a schedule.

I'm not nearly as learned as you two are, testing using those various programs and such, but I know there's an issue and Comcast is apparently clueless.  Is there any chance anyone here'd be willing to help me figure out how I can prove to Comcast there is a problem with my upload still?  Download is completely fine.  I mean, even SpeedTest is showing me inconsistent upload speeds, but Comcast won't bite.  All I want is a constant 5Mbps upload connection... I don't see why, for $70 a month, that's so difficult in this day and age.

I've only recently found this site, so I only have about 24 hours worth of testing to show, but it still shows huge variations in upload for chunks of time.  Also, before finding this site, I was testing to Twitch servers around the US when I'd start dropping frames due to the poor upload, and I was able to see speeds varying from failing to connect to 100Kbps to 3.2Mbps.  See attached screenshots.

Thanks for any feedback...







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I would setup an auto speed test to run over say a 24 hour period so you can first start to pinpoint the exact times after that schedule a tech to come out once you have a good idea of when it's going to happen and once it does he'll scratch his head and escalate the issue hopefully if not keep calling keep complaining unfortunately making as much noise as you can to draw attention to the issue is the only way to fix things and remember be nice to the technicians and customer support agents they do all they can but typically it'll take someone higher up like engineering to fix the actual issue depending on what it is

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