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Hello from South Suburbs, IL


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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the forums. We recently signed up with Comcast 50 Mbps. Had some issues with the service for the first couple weeks on and off. Finally it went out on Friday, so we had a tech come over on Saturday.


Things are much better and so far we're not getting any modem reboots. But fortunately
this speed test site has been helpful for figuring that we're getting really slow speeds during the peak time. It averages around 4 Mbps -10 Mbps during the times between 5:30pm - 11:00pm.


I've spoken to one of the local officials in charge to get another tech to come out on Wednesday to hopfully figure out what's going on.

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Looks like you started running better all of a sudden today.  Today is Wednesday... so to me it looks like they came out and got you all fixed up.


I hope that TMN helped in some way.   :occasion14:



Oh never mind... that might just be you performing better off peak, right?  ... sorry, didn't notice that till just now.

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And are you positive that there isn't activity within your network?  Like someone else on your wifi for instance.


If you're sure that there isn't any activity then it's pretty much a wasted service call.  The problem is probably further down the line.  If you're able to get over your provisioned speed some of the time then chances are things are fine within your home and with anything that tech would be checking.  If they weren't you'd have degraded performance all the time.


When everyone in your area gets home your speed drops.  Right?  Sounds to me like Comcast needs to deliver more bandwidth to your area or deal with bandwidth abuse in your area.  But maybe you're the first to complain so they need to get out there to see for themselves... and then hopefully address the issue.  Don't expect resolution today.  

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I'm almost positive that it's not an issue with the wifi since the network name/password is secure or at least it's not set to known router defaults. I'm testing on a hardwired connection for my computer, so I know it's not wifi interference or loss either. We're not using the internet too heavly either, so it's not us. lol


I gave the manager a detailed reply that the issue is with the speed dropping down to 5-10 Mbps during the time between 5pm - 11pm, but I guess he figured sending a tech is the best solution right now. I'm going to let the tech know that the issue seems to only happen in the evening after 6pm. I'm almost positive he won't find any issues inside with the wiring.

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@jcgallaher  (BTW cool Name)  Welcome to the Best and only Trusted  ( 100% by me for years now) Speed testing site on the planet.

Oh the Comcast/Xfinity  Horror stories I could tell you, Started using them in 2006, Think I narrowly skated by without a homicide through phone line to a CS rep 5 times.

HEADLINES::( Customer service Rep beaten to death by outraged customer via phone whom was 2000 miles away)


I have had them Blame every single thing possible as to why I had speed issues, I mean everything, one almost got just IQ 0 Stupid and I thought he was about to say the cat sitting to close to modem was the issue, but he kinda stuttered and mumbled something else, He was actually within kicking distance in the room.

Lately I have actually been very impressed ( OK this is Huge as CS people hardly Impress me FYI)

They seem to know the equipment, service tiers, what upload and download speeds the packages are supposedly to be supplying.

and most important of all, can read my voice and do a great job of not telling me to try this or that when I already told them I have done everything short of running my own cabling to their servers.

They used to tell me ( After I just told them every Single step/process I tried)  that maybe The modem needs rebooted, my computer needed rebooted, maybe my software/drivers were outdated and needed updated, replace my Cat 5 cable with a new one, put aluminum foil on my head stand on one leg with left hand in bucket of water  Wait that is for better radio reception.


You should not ask to much out of the company Like scheduling appointment to test system see issues  at a time when said issues actually happen.

Then what if they have no clue what it is?? What can they possibly force feed you if they are there and it happens and they cannot  point to something having nothing to do with anything they control causing it?

If they are there seeing the drop at said time it shows Like CA3LE said and they have sold more service then they can actually provide at the speed of paid service.

I remember that back awhile ago, we have 6 I believe Nipples on the cable junction doo dad in my yard and I think around 2009 they had all but one connected, now I see they have 4  connected but I think they upgraded something as I rarely notice speed (traffic Jams) locally.

Maybe only 2 of those connections actually are getting Internet.

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Lol! I know my wife had talked to them on the phone and she was about to crazy between getting hung up on and one person trying to force her to signup for phone service, when all she wanted was to get a tech out to look at the service. Well, we got a tech out the next day and he got back up and running, after a few more phone calls. lol


The guy got here today right at 1pm, so thats nice :smiley: I explained the time to speed issue with the internet so he's doing his tests right now. We'll see what happens...

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