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Hi from Melbourne, Florida

William Masse Jr

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Hi.  I am using my folks broadband which is also AT&T Uverse, and am told we also are supposed to be getting 18Mbps.  TestMy says average for our city is 32Mbps.  We usually test around 12.  Can anyone tell me why?  They day of installation the tech tested it and it came in at 22 and was really great compared to what we'd had. It only lasted a couple days.   Last night the audio on television was even having digital artifacts from what I believe is slow speed.  How do they guarantee 18 and say you're not getting it because you're using wifi and 18 only applies to wired?  How are most people in our city getting 32?  Sounds too good to be true.  Maybe it is the large university with their network.


Also wonder about why I get going "to a secure web page" messages from my browser when the site I'm going to is plain http and not https.  Seems like something funny is happening.  Maybe I'm supposed to post that somewhere else.


Thanks for listening.

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The city average is just that, some people would then have packages a bit higher than yours, or, there are those with a higher package testing more than those with a different package.


As for the video artifacts, that is something you will need to call the ISP on, which is a different frequency than 'internet', and would likely have something to do with the drop itself, or the cabling from the port. Even a bad or weak splitter can cause this loss in power.


The secure webpage message: if you give a site example it would help. That, and remember many times a site has an SSL certificate, but serves images as well as text, which will cause say, firefox, to explain the page is not completely secure.

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