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Pink Banners On Test Results?


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The pink highlighted result from tests that reach 40MBps or higher


What is it about the results that do not make sense?


Windstream, I had no idea they could reach those speeds, is this what you are referring to?


If so, it would seem there is some caching going on, if not, I'm looking into windstream for an ISP

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There is probably some kind of anti-virus or Internet security software that's causing those results to be that high.  Disable that kind of software if you see results that look off like that.  Obviously (imo) that speed is not happening.  If you disable something and you start getting results in line with what we should expect to see please also send me a message or update this thread and let me know what software caused the issue.  I'll make sure that if possible a work around or resolution is developed for the future.


It also may only the case for the multithread speed test.  Disable multi and test with the regular download test and you may find that you don't need to disable any of your software. ... you really shouldn't need to.  Nearly 100% of the Internet security software I test runs TMN without issues but occasionally we've seen Internet security software alter the process.


The highlighted results help provide a little visual reference to the faster results.  There are other colors that results will be highlighted under different circumstances.  Yellow for instance shows that the result is logged under your connection ID but not saved under your username.  Outside of your own results (like under provider or city stats) your results are highlighted a shade a gray.  There to help you quickly scroll to the results you need.  Been done that way since before there was a graphing system here.  An early visual aid that has stuck since.  

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^^  Not my tests.  I was looking through the provider results for something else and noticed those.


The default download test wouldn't do that... only multithread.  I'm working to detect that and force users in that situation to use the classic linear download test which has a long proven track record of being cache-less.  When that's happening the clients software may be manipulating or ignoring the part of the code that makes caching difficult on purpose.  I feel that I can easily detect when this happens with more development, what can be detected can be corrected.


It's never been perfect here, it never will be (that's impossible).  But one of the differences between this speed test and ANY other... you can see every result.  Statistics hold TMN accountable.  I've always encouraged members to find inaccuracy in the logs and over the years together we've made the tests better.  As the developer, knowing that results are public to everyone keeps me on my toes.


Good find, thank you.  Keep questioning.


Sometimes, you'll see someone on the satellite providers domain (or other ISP you know to be slower) but they aren't really a customer.  The connection is routed differently because it's someone on the backend... like a tech with mainline access.  They can be detected under the same domain name.  If we were to have seen normal download tests taken by this person at that speed then that could be the case.  In this instance I'm pretty sure it was the fault of software on the clients system.

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