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auto test issue


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There is an issue with auto test.

sometimes, when the connection is erratic, for one test, there is no connection and therefore the test gets disrupted and no result is recorded.


in such a case, how to continue with the auto test? if you start with a new auto test \, the previous results are lost.


is there some way to retrieve the previous results, till the time the test got disrupted?


cant we retrieve results based on CONNECTID ?



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As long as I'm logged in, the tests carried out in the auto test are shown in the "My Results" page, even if the test gets stuck or I inadvertently close the browser :o...


One way to help make the Auto test results stand out is to choose an identifier, e.g. "Home" if you don't use that identifier with manual tests.  This way it shows the associated icon next to the results on the "My Results" page, so you know which were from the Auto test.


If you were logged out while running the Auto test, go back on the connection you ran the auto test and bring up the "My Results" page.  There is good chance it will show the results from the partial run that were carried out, assuming your IP address did not change since running the Auto test. 


If the results are not shown, try this with your computer connected to the ISP you ran the Auto test on:

  1. Go into the "Database" menu, then into "My Detected Info" and then into the "ISP: (your ISP)" (4th listing)
  2. Click the button "Speed Test Log".
  3. Change the "25 results/page" option to something like "250 results/page"
  4. Look through the date & times on the left column to see if any match up with the time you ran the Auto test and continue page by page until you do.  This is generally pretty straight forward unless you've using a popular ISP like BT Broadband.
  5. A tale-tale sign you've found your results is where the "ConnectID" column has a matching figure at roughly each time interval you chose, e.g. each 30 minute time period has the same ConnectID for a 30 minute interval test.
  6. Once you're fairly sure you've spotted it, click that ConnectID figure and you should have the series of test results from that Auto test.
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I had set the auto test from 7.30 am in the morning - half hour intervals and 30 readings.

It appears that the test was broken at around 3.30 pm.


when I clicked on my CONNECTID i got only three results @ 4.00 pm 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm. (none for 5.00 pm)


It does look like the auto test is breaking and re-starts from scratch once the connection is ok AND you manually re-start.

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According you your results your connectID has changed twice.  Meaning that your public IP address has changed twice.
The connectID is a play on your IP address, when the IP changes the connectID changes.  For those who have IPs that change frequently I highly recommend signing up and staying signed in while you use TMN.
I'm working on a new version of the auto test that will correct itself when the connection drops.  What's most likely happening is that your connection is dropping out completely causing the test to timeout and lose its connection.
If your signed in your results are saved by your username... these stats remain in the database unless you or I remove them.
Under your results saved by username look at the connectID column.  Click on the IDs to display all tests taken by that ID.

You'll see that there are actually results where you may not have been signed in under both of those IDs.  If you had yet another IP address and didn't sign-in and log a result then it's much harder to track back and figure out what the connectID was.  Your username, being signed in, helps keep track of everything.


Even if it fails, when a result is shown it's logged and can be retrieved later from the database. In the future the auto test will correct itself and continue the test as soon as the connection is back online.

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