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windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.


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Well so far this seems to be a better system, at least the speed tests are much faster and my wireless seems much faster using both.

Never have I gotten over 100Mbps using the wireless connection until after the upgrade.

I have found that using chrome like I used to now is a pain and it keeps saying the connection is dead for some reason.

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the only things i've noticed about windows 10 is i had to disable the Wifi sense and the peer to peer updating system, among a few other intrusive things. but as a whole it runs smoother than i had planned on for sure.


i've been using edge but there is something about it that i dont like, i just havent loaded a new browser yet.


i am curious though, do you have a 5.1 speaker set up? i do and for some reason it wont recognize the rear pair.

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I do have the ability, I have a Creative SB X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB  as my On Board Realtek had issues and I could not use the enhancements so I went USB.

I have not tried connecting it to my 5.1 System lately as I use it mostly for my Link to my Pro Audio mixer and system.

I will try that and see what happens though.

I have noticed with Edge that it is not compatible with Norton Identity Safe so anyone who has been using that like I do and have came dependent on it remembering log ins and passwords will be lost unless they also  install a separate Browser.

I use Chrome but have been noticing for some time that even if I only have one page open in chrome in the task manager there are at min 5 instances of chrome running which I cannot see as very efficient.

Though I must say I have constantly been getting much higher speed tests with edge then I ever did with chrome or IE 11

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Anyone remember Internet Explorer 3?  :wink2:


That's exactly my first impression of Edge when I started using it as I needed to download some files.  Internet Explorer 3 use to easily lose downloads (a pain in the dial-up days) and did not report the download speed either.


As for Edge, it's the same issue such as this example with a dummy test file:




If I close the browser, it automatically cancels any running downloads without telling you and it will not give the option to resume them either.


For comparison, if you try exiting Internet Explorer 11 with downloads in progress, it will bring up the download window so you know there are downloads running and it also shows the download speed, unlike Edge:




Even if you try closing that, it will give the option to resume your download later if the server supports resuming:




With Edge, the download is lost and must be restarted.  A right pain for those on slower ISPs, especially with usage caps such as Satellite, Fixed Wireless and 3G/LTE ISPs.

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