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Suddently TMN showes different results


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Hi there

For a while I've had upload issues, and today an ISP technician came by. He wasn't able to determine the problem, but after his visit, my results from testmy.net went way down. But not the results from OOKLA. Now my numbers are from 1-5 upload with TMN and approx. 26 with OOKLA. That difference is to big to explain with the ordinary (remove the 30% most bad measures).

BUT there is something to consider: I ran the little TCP program recommende by you, and after that even my download results fainted with 50%. What is going on? And can you help my fixing this? I'm supposted to have a 100/25 connection.

Best regards,

Lise from Denmark



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The test - OOKLA - dind't go down, only TMN.

The tech did various tests. The first one with his monitor showed, I had upload issues. He tested again, and then the issuses had gone :/

I used TCPOptimizer. After that TMN really showed bad download and even worse upload. Used to be aprox 9 and now it's 1-5. A few weekes ago it showed 25 as should be.

Right now TMN showes: 71.4/4.9.

OOKLA: It won't run properly. It tells Ping 16, download 114, and upload won't run (can't connect)

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7 minutes ago, Pgoodwin1 said:

I'm not sure what the difference in the test servers are for your data. Some are the star DK and some are the flag DK.

Are you on your iPad again? :huh:


The star is Dallas and the flag in his tests are Denmark Germany = I was incorrect, when I stated "when you test in your country" , when it was actually Frankfurt

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Hi there

Sorry for my late reply - life got in the way ;)

I've not just used bredbånd.dk - actually I've used a lot of tests, but it seems many are based on Ookla. I've also tried the swedish bredbandskollen.se, wich sometimes indicates upload problems though the speed seems alright. It wanted me to try another browser, but the situation was the same. Normally I use Chrome, but for testing purpose I also use IE.


Right now my results from TMN is 115/12,3 - at bredbandskollen it is 124/28. My ping is typically over a 100 ms.

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The high ping rate is due to the distance and networks of the path, which could be considered acceptable, if you are speaking about a ping to testmy.net.


Where a ping is the calculation of the time it takes a packet to reach it's destination and return with an answer /2


From the looks of your recent tests taking the lower RX results along side the TX it appears since the 30th until now, the issue has been cleared. This of course may not persist, I would do regular testing, even run a daily auto test to determine at what if any frequency your network experiences slowdowns.

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On 1/8/2017 at 1:36 AM, heltinde said:

Right now my results from TMN is 115/12,3 - at bredbandskollen it is 124/28. My ping is typically over a 100 ms.



Thats not bad considering the distance. Im in Florida on 150/150  &...




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