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Expat With Brazil Net


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Hello All,

I am concerned about my internet.  I have been living here for over 2 years now and have no problem with my provider LIVE TIM.  However, I have had issues with certain functions when I work from home.  My job shows issues with my connection to a voice over phone system.  I also stream to Twitch.Tv video games sometime and notice some slowness...my speedtest.net always shows a range of 20-30MBS Download  and 15-20ish UPLOAD.

However, anytime I used testmy.net i NEVER break 5mb up or down.  What do I trust?  What can I do to improve?!  What detailed tests should I do to show the proof to my ISP?  Thanks for the help in advance.  For everyday browsing I never feel a slowdown for downloading or browsing.  Its just very specific items such as Streaming, sometimes my PS4 connection is slow wired and wireless etc.  No matter when i test though these results are always the same.


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Yes i did notice that.  I was looking all over as to where I can change the server and did not see a way to do so!  Thanks for reminder.  Sadly east coast US is closest to me I think :(  So what i did was change speedtest to a NY server too and the numbers were KINDA in line.  Speed test was saying 7up/5 down so i think  ill chalk it up to distance.

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Especially since you mention issues with streaming I would compare the multithread speed test to your previous results (tested with a single thread).


speedtest.net (ookla) does a number of things that make things appear faster and make it less likely to help you in your case.  They multithread, which makes it difficult to see issues affecting single thread performance.  They also adjust the result, removing the top 10% and bottom 30% of the result.  In my opinion, negating the entire test.



So if you want to get something fixed, TestMy.net is a far better choice.  Comparing single thread to multithread with TMN can identify these issues, a healthy connection is normally able to perform equally well on both tests.


Default linear test (bottom) and multithread result.  Both taken against Dallas on my home connection (in Colorado Springs > 700 miles away).  

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 8.41.18 AM.png


Enable multithread, select br.testmy.net and test again so we can see.

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Yeah still coming out slow :( this is so frustrating.  Not sure who to trust.  I don't have any issues with anything else. Downloads are always faster then this, i play online RPGs and Games with 0 issue.  The first was a combined test the second was a multithread test to the Sao Paulo sever.  That was the Speedtest seconds after.

I can understand if there was some sort of close variance but this isnt even close.  Now i have no faith lol.  What else should I do?



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Here's a couple more multithread tests on different servers in Sao Paulo.  If you perform better on these then it may be that the peering to that server I just threw online for you isn't very good.  Like I said, they were untested.





These are two examples taken from speedtest.net's public list and entered into TestMy.net Mercury Speed Test.  By taking any of the URL's listed you can reference the files used by speedtest.net to test... but use TestMy.net for the actual testing.


<server url="http://speedtest.vivo.com.br/speedtest/upload.php" lat="-23.5000" lon="-46.6167" name="Sao Paulo" country="Brazil" cc="BR" sponsor="Vivo" id="6696" url2="http://speedtest2.vivo.com.br/speedtest/upload.php" host="speedtest.vivo.com.br:8080"/>


So you find the base URL




Files used


random350x350.jpg        240K     
random500x500.jpg        494K     
random750x750.jpg        1.1M     
random1000x1000.jpg        1.9M     
random1500x1500.jpg        4.3M     
random2000x2000.jpg        7.5M     
random2500x2500.jpg        12M     
random3000x3000.jpg        17M     
random3500x3500.jpg        23M     
random4000x4000.jpg        30M     


So if you paste...




...into the Mercury Test, it will create a multithread download speed test using that 240 kB test file.  Faster connections benefit from larger test files, as these are repeated to meet the final test size.


I do see other people testing at high speeds on that server but it may be that those specific people's ISPs peer better with the providers that host uses.  I need to see more data before I look for a different solution.

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