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SSL no longer supported?

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Noticed the website was having issues earlier, however, once things started going back to normal I noticed some iframe links that I use are still broken for my test results.  I then noticed that the website is no longer in SSL and my iframes point to the HTTPS version of the site.

I figure, "well, lets see if the iframe code changed any" and it did, none of the links are secure in the code when viewing results... Will this be fixed or?

EDIT: Guess I jumped the gun!  Soo many websites have had strange issues tonight.  Looks like HTTPS is working once again. :)  Thanks to the staff working overtime on keeping this place going!

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Thank you for the heads up.  HTTPS needed some extra attention.  This should be working correctly for you.  I also made changes to the iframe code so it's working correctly with https and outputting the share URLs in https as well when you're viewing from https.


Please let me know if you see anything odd, I'm still working on the master server and running apache on the slave... but everything should be in order now.

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11 minutes ago, C0RR0SIVE said:

Curious, heard from a few people trying to sign up for an account to do speed testing that they aren't getting confirmation emails?  Is the email system down or?  I suspect it's related to last night.

I second that, though I heard it from the same person.  

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