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Steve C

Two different test results? B/S going on?

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Shouldn't have any affect on your results.  The program is the same if you're logged in or not.


Are you sure this wasn't an anomaly?


There are variations in the program if you're logged in but none of which have any affect on results.  They give you additional testing options not available to standard users.



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When I look at your results I see that when you're signed in you have selected the United Kingdom locale.  This sticks to your sign in, it also remembers this setting when you're not signed in.  And these settings are separate.  The way the program sees it, when you're not sign in your ID is you "COMP_ID" this is a mathematical computation on your IP address.  If you share that IP address, you'll share the comp ID.  When you sign in this switches over to using your username as the primary key.  You're still stored by comp_id but primarily stored by username.


In future versions I may make it share the settings or import the settings.  For now, keep in mind that your sign in has separate settings.  Once you sign in your settings change to the settings you had set last time you signed in.



See the UK flag next to the faster result.  Your results will vary based on the selected mirror.

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