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Are there any extended time tests available?

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I'm wondering if there are any tests that can continuously run for an extended period of time to capture network downtime and throttling that I might not notice while I'm not actively using my network. I'm getting sick and tired of Comcast's bull. I know I don't have any other option as is the cable cabal but I would like to gather connection statistics as to what connection I'm being provided. 
Other than that so far I like your test, the only thing it's missing is that when my internet sucks and I run the Comcast test I magically get 150+mbps for a couple hours afterwards where you just give me my throttled/over subscribed speed.

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Testmy.net has an extended auto bandwidth test  with frequency as well as duration variables.


I would imagine the throughput spread your experiencing is due to the ISP testing server is likely located on their system, close to you, before any external network or shaping / filtering they may have in place.


Where testmy.net is testing the route between your ISP and the testing server.

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