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CA3LE your advice worked :)


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SO funny after you mentioned what to do with Xfinity , in the mail arrived a letter showing all new packages we were elidgable for.

SO supposedly we now have 1 Gig down/40Mbps up need to hardline it to be sure.

BTW I mentioned the site in a Iracing pre race setup and the guy who does all our Streaming and brodcasting/analyzing uses your site a lot to be sure his system is up to snuff.

Plus I sent my teamate over to check you out and be sure his connection is good.

Oh I just had a great Idea do you have any .jpegs or special graphics you would like to see on a Iracing Truck or car and truck?

I have some space on my Xfinity, Monster Energy and Gander outdoor truck id be happy to add your logo .

For al the help you have provided and the ability to show xfinity how I have a log of tests I can pull when thir crap goes south it is the least I can do.

I just need a jpg, or so you would like to see on a vehicle.

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My brother was just set up with the gigabit package from Comcast.  He calls me up asking if what the tech told him was true,


brother: "The tech who installed me said it can take 48 hours to get my full speed, is that true?  I'm only getting 58 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up."


me: "Uhh, that's not true... sounds like he didn't want to do his job."


We called Comcast together, after 30 minutes of waiting we got through to tech support.


Tech support: "The modem you have is DOCSIS 3.0, it needs to be 3.1.  I can't even send the configuration file for that plan to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem."


brother: "Why didn't the tech who installed me catch that?  Why didn't your system catch that?!"


... I should have checked that before we called but he told me he just bought it and he has a habit of always buying the top end.  But it was indeed only a 3.0 modem so he went and swapped it out.


Then, after he's finally set up he was able to get ~300-400 Mbps wired to the modem but wired to the router... 58 Mbps on TMN again, no matter what test options he uses.  Using Comcast's test, 940 Mbps!  We reset his router, upgraded firmware and then he started getting his full speed, wired and wifi.  But his full speed is still only ~300-400 Mbps.  Another example where the ISP's Ookla/speedtest.net test fails.  --- I mean seriously, we corrected issues with the hardware and TMN's result was higher as a result... what are they doing to be so wrong?!  This seems to happen when you need the test the most, at times when you have real issues holding you back from achieving the best performance.


But people continue to use those tests and ISP's keep pushing them down customers throats.  "...makes us look better. (at the customer's expense)"


He had 8 Mbps with AT&T before so he's happier for sure... but he's also like, "Where's the gigabit speed?"


To test and make sure that it wasn't his devices just maxing out he ran simultaneous manual 200 MB TestMy.net download speed tests and combined the results... within a margin of error it was identical to what he was seeing on his best performing device (2015 macbook).  He's also tested the same computer with greater results on my home connection... so the connection just isn't performing at the speed Comcast would like customers in the area to believe.


Same is true on my own Comcast connection, where I see 600 Mbps max.  When I first signed up for gigabit service I was only seeing 350 Mbps and it's slowly crept up over time.  So they are improving the situation.


I attached my logo in png and jpg.  I would love to see it on your truck! COOL!


Long story short, the tech who installed him and Comcast's system would have left him with 58 Mbps on a modem that wasn't even compatible with his plan.  "Give it 48 hours... sometimes it needs to warm up to gigabit speed."  --- what a joke!  IMO the job should have never been able to be completed unless the correct modem was on the account.


This is why you always test your connection and NOT with your ISP's speedtest.





transparent PNG


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I suggest uploading the logo in higher resolution or preferably a vector image, e.g. SVG or PDF.


The above will not scale very well when printed.  To give an idea, this is what the JPEG looks like close-up if printed to this scale:

TMN Logo zoom.png


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4 hours ago, Sean said:

I suggest uploading the logo in higher resolution or preferably a vector image, e.g. SVG or PDF.


That's why I use all svg now on TMN... but @spudler_t said jpeg originally.


Here' some vector graphics.


:: Main Logo ::





:: Testing Logos ::





If you're putting it on a dark or black background this version will look better.





Or if you'd rather use the orange version (that you see on the upload test)





and orange logo for use with a dark or black background





I'm looking for the svg for the logo text and will post that for you when I find it.  

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Absolutely, Plus my favorite feature provided is I can go back and say  ( I do not care what your recommended Tests say) I have a list of test dates and results and look at this date it drops to ?? ( Whatever) when for SO  long I was in this range and yet now ( My Reliable And documented) site shows something wrong so you need to fix it .

End of conversation until you fix your end period.

I found a long time ago that 90%  (well Maybe at 80% now) of their suggestions and or excuses are 100% BS.

I once argued with a tech and finally got so upset  I said next you're going to say the reason my speed is slow is because I have a black cat . 


Thanks for the Logo ill get to work on that ASAP.

I should have it on my xfinity cr and truck before next race ( well tomorrow is xfinity race but ill try ) 


This was supposed to post sunday but did not for some reason 


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Wow did not know that, I tried using the capture supplied by iRacing but  are GPU dependent while I Found OBS will use CPU to encode it so it seems to work better.

Ill get some for you today and post them to Youtube and send links.


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So here is a short few laps I ran at Chicagoland with most updated graphics.

BJ Sheldon ( My Teammate) did the amazing graphics for me and did a great job.

BTW my speed is better using WIFI ( ASUS  USB AC68 Adapter 1.3 Gbps ) then using the onboard Realtek Lan 1.0 Gbps wired into Gateway.

Plus so sad seen using the (Xfinity Test) they say I get 998 Mbps/45Mbps but I know that is a farce plus watching speeds jump all over the place.

I sure am thankful you have a site we can get realistic speed results , I doubt I ever use any servers in portland where you know I use iRacing ( Boston MA) servers almost daily and is nice to get realistic results from that distance .

Here is link to my short youtube clip of truck, will get some more soon with entire races just wanted to get you something as it has been awhile 



I Have the Testmy.net on my B class Xfinity  Toyota  and my A class Monster Energy Toyota also will get those posted soon . If Dodge ever comes back to Nascar I will then be running MOPAR Vehicles :) 


If you think I need to change anything let me know 

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I just noticed the video is skippy, I just think some days my GPU  canot keep up,

Plus Imay have forgotten to set it to the overclocked setting until like 4 laps in 

if quality gets better and stops skipping that is why sorry about that, I will redo it with proper GPU settings Monday ( lol it is monday ) but later this morning after I get some sleep 

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17 hours ago, spudler_t said:

I Have the Testmy.net on my B class Xfinity  Toyota  and my A class Monster Energy Toyota also will get those posted soon . If Dodge ever comes back to Nascar I will then be running MOPAR Vehicles :) 


:headbang: Right on - looks awesome! 

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I just seen a email my Teamate sent ( the one who does all my paints) He has now added the Testmy.net Logo to every single vehicle I run on IRacing.

So now I have a boat load of replays to get converted  so you can see them.

I run well here is a current list 

Dirt STreet Stock

305,360 and 410 Winged Sprint cars

Lucas Oil Pro2 and Pro4 Trucks

Dirt  Late Model Pro and Super

K&N Series

Late Model Paved series

Whelan Modified

S&K Modified

And of course those I already mentioned 

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