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It only takes a light snow covering on the dish to block the signal.  This is especially true with satellite Internet that uses the higher frequency KA band, which already is very susceptible to rain attenuation.  I remember running into this issue back when I had satellite Internet around 2005.


If you can reach the dish with a mop, you can try wiping off the snow.  Wipe off any snow on the LNB also, i.e. the active part with the leads that points at the dish. 

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The leads are unaffected by frost.  The temperature does not affect the dish either, as long as there is no snow on the dish or the front part of the LNB facing the dish.  If you haven't already done so, check that the leads from the dish are tight behind the modem and turn the modem off and on. 


The next time you speak to the agent, mention that there is no snow on the dish.  Snow on the ground doesn't affect the signal at all, however, they likely assume that a snow covering on the ground means there is snow on the dish.

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We had Direcway, then Hughesnet. We were fortunate that we could keep the Direcway tech instead of having to switch over to the Hughesnet crap.


The old Direcway modem was practically bulletproof. Had it for 10 years. When we finally had to switch (because we got a faster connection) the new Hughesnet modem worked about 60% of the time...

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