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im in process of converting this .avi to a mpeg2 file - i think the quality will be great (will tell the results) and im using a program called TMPGEnc - it seems good, the only downside to this is that it takes long long loooooooong time to decode an .avi file - its already doing it about 10 hours, got about same amount of time left :)

Yeah. That's the program I use. On my computer for an hour and thirty minute movie takes about 3 hours. From *.avi to *.vob (DVD files).

You might have an older computer?

I have an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ CPU. Of course the CPU isn't the only thing that makes the process time vary. But it's the main thing.  :haha:

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but soon.....i hope within couple of weeks ill have my new system :) grrrrrrrrrrr

asus sli motherboard (dont know the model)

1gig corsair xms dr400 ram

amd athlon 64 3500 (greeeeeeeeeat processor)

16x pci express nvidia 6800gt ........mmmmm........i cant wait...should be very fast

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ok here is how i burn .avi into a dvd

WinAVI v6.2.rar

to get a .avi into .vob file



RecordNow MAX 4.5 to burn the dvd


install winavi and convert the .avi into vob

then go to


and follow the simple instructions

if u need any help just say it

its really easy

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also...is it possible to make an exact copy of a dvd - i have few movies i wanna backup, but my friend tells me that i wont be able to do that since they're protected and such....anyway, i know there must be a program for that im just not sure what is it called :) can anybody help me out here too :)

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You can copy the entire content of a DVD and make a backup copy if you have a dual layer DVD burner. You cannot do this direct with copy protected commercial DVDs. To copy such, you'll need to rip the files from the DVD to your hard drive, then burn them to the blank dual layer DVD.

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DVD Shrink is an excellent 'one click' solution for copying movies. But the downside, like peepnklown said, is that you give up some quality. That is where using a trio like SmartRipper, DVD2AVI, and TMPGEnc excels. You have full control over the quality of the process. It is more work, and may take a while to learn all the tricks, but once you've cracked it, the results are flawless. Tweaking these programs for quality takes no more effort than what you guys are doing to tweak your computers for speed....well worth the effort.

go to: www.doom9.net for reviews and tutorial links of all DVD copy software.

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I use DVD Shrink as well. Although if I want to keep the movies quality then I just copy the movie itself, and not all the menus and the special features. Usually when you just copy the movie, you'll have the full quality.

Then once you've only got the movie selected in Re-Authoring mode you can go back and select which audio streams you want. So you can take out unwanted subtitles, and different language audio tracks etc.


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I use DVDShrink, in order to keep some quality but still have menus I remove all uneccesary audio streams and custom compress so that the menus and extras are more compressed than the movie.

Depending on the DVD I can get all menus intact with English audio and still have 75% video quality (you can barely tell the difference).

I will continue to use DVDShrink and single layer disks until the DVD+RDL (dual layers) go way down (currently around $10 a disk).

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learn how to burn www.doom9.org

1. i use dvd decrypter (free download)  (saves movie to HDD)

2. i use dvd shrink 3.2 (free download) (compress movie to fit in single layer 4.7 GB dvd-r disk)

2.5 dvd shrink 3.2 needs to use nero to copy movie to dvd-r (once done IT WILL work in any dvd player, from my experience)

this is my first post... i followed #2..after it was shrink the were 2 folder..(containing .vob) will i just directly burn it to nero?the 2 folders? i seldom be in the internet... kindly email me some info...(pitbull481) [email protected]

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