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Discovery a breathtaking launch

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i missed the launch braodcast due to a Dr's appointment but glad to hear it went well; i cannot measure or begin to comprehend the amount of dedication it took these 7 space travellers to board the ship with the Columbia disaster still fresh on everyones mind; this is a level of valor and duty which sends most people running to the hills....highest accolades & safe return shouting out to this shuttle crew  :D


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Saw the launch and when they finally exited our atmosphere they hit supersonic speeds of 14,000 mph and counting. They had a camera attached to the beast. Now we should pray for their safe trip there and back.

I saw it also and all looked good.  They had to get above

17,000 mph in order to go into orbit and they did.

Hooray!!!  I just hope they make it back safely.

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The launch went well but it sounds like a piece of heat shield may have come off durning the launch also sounds like they hit a bird and lost a piece of the foam.

Inspections of Discovery's heat shield began this morning about 5:40 a.m. EDT. Crewmembers are using cameras and a special boom on the robot arm to inspect Discovery's wings, nose cap, and crew cabin. Also, crewmembers are slated to use handheld cameras to inspect tiles on the Orbital Maneuvering System pods. The crew's inspections are slated to last seven hours.

Engineers on the ground are using the imagery and data from today

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Here's a link to some pretty awesome images of the external tank right after it was separated.

They also show the unfortunate piece of missing foam.

It appears that the foam missed the Shuttle, fortunately.



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Live NASA video and audio feed.

This is pretty interesting....

I could not directly link to it, just go to "Live NASA TV Video" from here (I had to use IE, FF wouldn't work)

edit: I apologize, sounds like everyones going to bed now, that won't be too interesting.......

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Is it just me or are they looking for stuff to fix? http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/space/08/03/space.shuttle/index.html

I saw him remove the second piece live today on tv. The (local) morning news show I watch tuned in just in time. It didn't look like "fabric" to me. I looked like a flat piece of plastic or something like that.

I love that we get to see this stuff live like never before though.

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I feel NASA should go back to discovering and man moon flights or even mars and leave the orbital flights to the private sector look at SpaceShip One sure it needs work yet but they did something nasa cant do they had to go into orbit, return to earth and relaunch back into orbit in a 14 day time period to win the x prize and did it. Take a look at the small amout of electronics Spaceship 1 uses compared to nasa here is a link to there site


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