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New 'Dial-up' Speed Record

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Dude that test is fake bro , download something and we'll see if you really get 24 kB/s and do a ping test and tracert to testmy.net , lol it is going to be bad watch. :D :D

actually if u look at his test history...

http://www.testmy.net/s_engine.php?type=user_name&q=ROM-DOS ...

he's pretty consistant...if u too have dialup...ask for his secrets :) ...he loves to share

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ah...u 2 r just jealous :haha: and u wish u had free internet at that speed... :haha: ...2 funny...i'm sure he'll do just as u ask...

but do u doubt the accuracy of the test results in his test history?...we're talking testmy testing...which we all know is the most reliable and accurate on the net...right?? ...he hasn't faked anything that i can see...

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ROM-DOS :I have Windows ME the turn off the V.42 compression in the tweak turned off all of my compression & resulted in a slowdown.So Windows ME doesn't have Microsoft MPPC compression. I think the MS compression is whats responsible for your speed if you want to see do the opposite of the tweak & turn the V.42 compression back on.Then let me know if it slows you down.What did give me a small increase was setting SessionKeepAlive to 599.I'm also using a smaller RWIN but not as small as the tweak suggested.

I'll post my modem string here

It may not show you anything but it might.

My modem is a PCTEL HSP688T : this is the string:

From the registry:AT&FE0%N9&C1&D2&K6V1W3S0=0<cr>


Extra settings:S91=15S36=7S10=100S25=100N2

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I'm looking at this site right now.


ModemLog ~ strings I'm using right now



only string I've added so far;


check this site out for MPPC ~ ME should be able to use it


The maximum length of the MPPC datagram transmitted over a PPP link

  is the same as the maximum length of the Information field of a PPP

  encapsulated packet. Since the history buffer is limited to 8192

  bytes, this length cannot be greater than 8192 bytes.

My DefaultSendWindow = 8192

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ROM-DOS : I've looked over the modemhelp site before it has some useful info.I looked at the second link It didn't tell me how to enable MPPC in ME but I will see if I can find some more information on doing that.I have another modem site link that might be useful to you but I need to find it will post it when I do.Check this link:  http://www.modem-help.com/

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ROM-DOS : I'm putting in a screenshot because ME is a little different.I still have compression enabled

right now as unchecking it slows me down so much.Same with the IPHeadercompression.I never have hardware

compression enabled since I have a soft modem.The tweak article didn't say anything about disabling

either at least not where you would do this in ME but I might give it a try.If you can't read the screen

shot you can let me know.I used the modem properties window so I could show all 3 in 1 screen shot

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ROM-DOS: I tried to disable everything again & no success.I either have no compression or V.42

It could even be my modem holding the setting in its chip .Making it unable to be changed.

You asked what modem I have.It is a PCTEL HSP V.92 soft internal modem model 688T.Just the cheap kind that comes with a PC.I am going to put a screen shot of a DL in the other dial-up topic.

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