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Question about Overseas


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Whoever believed there is cables connecting different continents.........is an idiot.

Sorry, I forgot that  we still use the Pony Express.

Brave horses  :icon_salut: trying to run across the oceans.  :haha:

BTW, the first cable laid across the Atlantic Ocean was done in 1858: http://www.history-magazine.com/cable.html






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Whoever believed there is cables connecting different continents.........is an idiot.

ok. enlighten me. why the fuck are you calling me an idiot for believing there are cables strung all over the fucking oceans connecting different continents.

first of all, the first transatlantic phone calls were made using what? messages scribbled on rocks and then skipped across the pond? fyi there were no sattelites at the time so don't even come up with the stupid reply the used sattelites. and it wasn't sonar either, the speed of sound is higher in water but i think even the first transatlantic phone calls had less than 2 or 3 hours lag. (don't feel like googling for speed of sound in water right now, you do it if you are so smart.)

second of all, currently the internet connections to other continents are what? satellite? do you notice that there is no tremendous lag when you use a foreign site? that leaves two possibilities. one, the site is mirrored by your isp. or two, there are actually cables.

i'm gonna doublepost unless someone beats me to it and add a fuckload of sites dealing with underwater cable installation, maintenance etc. of course, you will just come back and say that that whole industry is a sham. just like the faked moon landing.

before you call someone an idiot for no goddamned reason whatsoever, do a google search.

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