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lets see what you can edit in windows


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its 2 simple files



open up notepad, and copy/paste this in there:


Manufacturer= (put your own text here)

Model= (put your own text here)

[support Information]

Line1= (put your own text here)

Line2= (put your own text here)

Line3= (put your own text here)

Line4= System Specifications:

Line5= (put your own text here)

Line6= (put your own text here)

Line7= (put your own text here)

Line8= (put your own text here)

then, click file/save as

in the box that says "save file as type"

select "all"

in the file name box.. put in: oeminfo.ini

save it in your c:..windows..system32 directory

thats step 1

step 2.. is to create a bitmap image.. this is simple in itself

open up paint

click file

click open

click "image"

click "attributes"

and resize it to: width: 180 , height : 115

(you MAY have to open the image in a seperate paint, select all, then paste it into the resized paint.. the one thats 180x115 like i did to use the image i wanted)

then.. open up paint again (new instance of it) open up the image youd like to use (providing its not bigger than the 180x115, if its smaller.. just edit it so everything fits in side the width/height specs)

click file/save as

in the file name box.. put in oemlogo.bmp

for color depth, you can leave it at 24 bit, i dont think that affects anything.. it didnt on mine

save it in your c:..windows..system32 folder

open up my computer and browse to c:..windows..system32 and verify both files (oemlogo.bmp, and oeminfo.ini) are there.. if they are.. just right click my computer, select properties, and you should see your new logo and a button that says "support information" (if you left that part in the oeminfo.ini file, if not.. it wont be there) and poof..... you just tweaked xp :-P

Or you can open system folder and just open the " oemlogo.bmp " file and edit with any picture editing software.

You are a bit late with that!! but its nice to be able to change it' how about removing the arrows from shortcuts?

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Well that's great.....now if you can use it to remove those reg. #'s ...then feel free to move the topic back to the general board..... :haha: :haha: :haha:

You're talking about the other posters right as I don't have any registration numbers showing?

I'll edit the other users pics and put it back up...gotta leave for about 20 minutes...brb.

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