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games that run off of cd's


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What type of video card do you have?

Right click on desktop > Properties > Advanced

under Compatibility [check] Apply the new display settings without restarting

To switch your display to 256 colors

Some games and other software programs require that your monitor be set to 256 colors, or they run better in 256 colors. Many of those programs will switch your monitor to 256 colors automatically when you start the program. For those that don't, follow the steps below if you want to switch the display temporarily while the game or program is running.

On your desktop or on the Start menu, right-click the game or other program that you want to run in 256 colors, and then click Properties.

Click the Compatibility tab.

Select the Run in 256 colors check box.


The screen will revert to your default color quality when you close the program.

Try switching to 256 colors if your software program shows the wrong color or the graphics redraw slowly.

If your software program appears in a small window in the center of your screen, you can increase its size by changing your screen resolution temporarily. Follow the procedure above, but in step 3 select the Run in 640x480 screen resolution check box. Your screen resolution will revert to its previous resolution when you close the program.

The Compatibility tab is available only for programs or games located on your computer's hard disk. It is not available if the program is stored on a floppy disk, compact disk, or a network.

[try right clicking on CD in drive and see if you can change any settings there]

Changing Priority Class Levels

You can change the priority class of the program in one of two ways. The first way is through the Task Manager, and is done while the program is already running.  If you right-click on the desired program under the Processes tab, you will be presented with the option of switching the program's priority class.

You can also change the priority on program startup by using a special batch file to execute the program. The batch file (.BAT) would look like this when it is open in a text editor:


Echo off

Start /high c:(Program folder)(file.exe)

If you store the batch file in the same directory as the file you're running, you don't need the path.

Echo off

Start/high (file.exe)

The (file.exe) without the brackets is the name of the executable file that runs your program or game. Name the .bat file start.bat and just put it in the same folder that the (file.exe) is in, that's all ~ next time you start that program it's priority will be high.

[i suggest you never set a program's priority to Real-Time, it may really screw with windows!]

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my video card is a nvidia2 mx 100/200

These games are fairly new but they give me problems when they are run from a cd( as stated above).

They do not run on 256 colors but not sure what else would kick me back!!

The priority did not make a difference!!???

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Specifically, what are the names of the games that crash you back to the desktop?

The sims and the incredibles (both are my kids)

I'm not sure if you have a DVD drive, but some CD (games) won't play right if you run them in your DVD drive ~ make sure you put it in your CD drive ~ I had that problem once and all I had to do was put it in the right drive ~ lol

All I have is a dvd drive!! They worked for the longest time but it dont now! I have changed nothing that I know of..... :angry5:

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. . .can you play any other games besides the sims and the incredibles without poping back to your desktop?  If not, it might be time to get a new drive.  Try cleaning it and maybe disconnecting the drive - turn off computer -unplug it from the IDE Channel (and power) and restart your computer without it plugged in ~ turn off computer and reconnect it back to the IDE cable (and power) and restart.

I'm also wondering if it still might have to do with your video settings ~ if you think it's loading, but not displaying? Check all your video card settings, again. Is your monitor in-synch with your refresh rate? Sometimes kids like pressing buttons on the monitor and may have change some settings?

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Just a thought - but are you running anything in the background such as Folding@home by standford? I know I cannot play KOTR with that running, it will do the same thing.

That happened with me and Gunbound, Gunbound would comr up and go right back down.  It was the Folding program that was making everything funny.

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No actually it's not resources - you can limit that via configurations.  It's just that for somereason it takes over 'full screen' mode - windows media player, all my dvd progams, games etc all can't go full screen with F@h running

I can go fullscreen with all that even with F@H running.. just install  the command line version :)

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