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holy smokes thats a lot of stuff on the startbar

u seem to be a fan of those u dont know jack things

as for me...too yellow; doesnt it ever hurt your eyes staring at the sun ?

Not really. It's kind of a dark yellow. I'm probably going to change it soon, but I'm not sure what to yet.


Is Windows still running fast?

It's still pretty fast. I have 256MB ram, and when windows starts ~200MB is in use. I mostly just use the 'net along with Wintv.

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[move]oh noooooooo new forums completely screwed over this wonderful topic : ([/move]

:) Ya gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet, so I've been told! The good news is that this new forum is really tight,and we can redo all the desktop pictures that were here........ so if someone feels the desire to see all the desktops again then a topic can be started (hint,hint) but I do agree that there were some great shots here before, I have saved many of them to my computer and edited the pics and run some as my screen saver. Something I started doing a very long time ago is if I see anything I like I save it as a pic and usually put it on a CD in case I ever want to see or use again, i guess I have been burnt to many times with stuff being lost or erased or corrupt files that I just make it a habit to save stuff I like :) It would be KOOL to see old and new ones again :) And this was a really large topic with lots of members showing really cool shots and ideas for desktops..............

:cool: Microwave

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