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I have two options for you. I have experience with only one, but I have a friend that uses the other.

-Server Seed

I've been using Server Seed for over a year now, and I am very pleased. They are the best web host I've ever used. They are based on a very fast backbone, have very redundant security and stability features, and are always on top of any issues that ever may arise. Tyler Lott, the owner, keeps all software up to the latest builds and sends frequent emails regarding anything that may be going on regarding the hosting, whether big or small. They also value costomers who stick with them, so they periodically will reward us in different ways to show appreciation. I got an extra 250MB added onto my web space. I highly recommend anyone to Server Seed. I have been with them for the long haul, and they have completely surpassed my expectations with flying colors.


I have no experience with this company, and my friend has only been with them for about a week now. However, they have some of the best deals I've seen. (e.g., 3GB of web space and 140GB of bandwidth for $13.95/month) As I said, I have no experience with them, so I can't vouch for their services in any way. But if you're looking for the best bang for your buck, I guess they are the way to go. I will try to remember to post my friend's experiences once he has been with them for a while.

If any of you reading this decide to try Server Seed out, please tell them I recommended you to them. I would really appreciate a free month. :wink:

Just tell them '[email protected]' sent you.

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How the **** can they run something like that? Unlimited storage, and transfer for free. Doesn't seem like there is any profit for them :P . What would even be the point of buying their large package then lol....

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