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Brought a tear to my eye., ok, a tear to each eye.


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From stowaway to fat cat class

PARIS, France (AP) -- Emily the cat is heading home, in style.

The wayward tabby from Wisconsin that disappeared two months ago and wound up traveling across the Atlantic to France on a ship boarded a Continental Airlines flight Thursday -- in business class.

Travel conditions leaving Europe promised to be a bit more comfortable for Emily, who arrived as a stowaway in a cargo container after straying from home in Wisconsin.

"I don't think she'll drink champagne but I think she will be happy to rest," said Continental spokesman Philippe Fleury, at Charles de Gaulle airport to see Emily off. The airline offered to fly the cat home after her tale spread around the world and she cleared a one-month quarantine.

"This was such a marvelous story, that we wanted to add something to it," Fleury told AP Television News. A full-fare ticket for Emily's seat would normally cost about $6,000 and the airline provided a company escort for the cat.

Emily vanished from her home in Appleton, Wisconsin, late September. She apparently wandered into a paper company's distribution center near her home and crawled into a container of paper bales.

The container went by truck to Chicago and by ship to Belgium before the cat was found October 24 at Raflatac, a laminating company in Nancy, France.

Emily, who turned 1 year old that very day, was thin and thirsty but still alive.

Workers at Raflatac used her tags to phone her veterinarian in Wisconsin, and the vet called her owners.

Emily faced one last packed day of travel before her homecoming. She was due to arrive from Paris in Newark, New Jersey, midday Thursday and board a connecting flight to Chicago and then be driven home to Wisconsin, Fleury said.

Emily's escort, George Chiladze, a Continental employee based in Newark, said he was thrilled to be the one taking Emily back across the Atlantic.

"I will make somebody really happy to deliver this poor traveler back home," he said

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I have a cat named emily - emily jane - and there is also spooker and blackie and mama  cat and scruffer and phoenix and sunny

they all came around as strays - 2 live outside - I lived in a wooded area

Now there is no more room at the inn

the next one who comes is gona be named mosi which is  Navajo for cat

I usually wait until the great spirit reveals their true name

Like sunny is sunny cause she walked in on the first sunny day in 14

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We have 3 cats:

Isis, the female is nearly 2 years old, we saved her from the shelter.

Osiris is 5 months old, we saved him on his last day at the shelter.

Thoth is abour 2,5 months old, we saved him from the shelter as weel.

We had Isis since June, and I asked my buddy at work ( his wife volunteers after hours at the humane society and she takes care of the pregnant and sick cats they get and takes them back): if they had a black kitten I could have, it just so happened that they had one that was six weeks old, and when they came over for dinner, they brought him, and they brought Osiris. The Humane society had called them and asked if they would find a home for Osires because they hated to put down such a loving, youthful cat. So, we got them both for free, one is fixed, the other will be fixed in January and Isis of course was fxed.

So I got a bargain kitty, and he's the most loving of the three, but it sure is fun around here when they get to playing. Isis of course creams them both, and it's funny to watch her asserting herself. They all live inside.

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good thing she's flying continental. if it was thai airways or something she'd end up in the galley.

Ya know....I do have a sound track called .."The cats in the kettle at the Pee King Moon".... :haha:

done to the tune of Cat Stevens "Cats in the cradle"

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