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Bit torrent question


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my connection is 3000/256 and i get about 2700/240 out of my advertised speed. my download has been going for about 44 hours and its only 34.5% done. my download speed rarely gets above 10Kbps and my upload stays at about 15Kbps. one time the download sped up to about 40Kbps but then right back down to about 5Kbps where it normally stays.

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i will probably just stay with u torrent

Good choice. It's all I use now as my main app for torrents. Speeds are great and it's very light.

The heavy, bloated apps are not worth it (even though I can run them with ease). I do lots of other stuff while my torrent is transferring, so I don't like my resources tied up too toughly while I'm performing multiple tasks..

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i am going to try port forwarding right now, hopefully it helps because tristan9669 is getting awesome downloads i know i cant that fast but 300Kbps would be nice

You could also put your pc in the routers DMZ and test it(basically you will lose security functions of the router), but you will not have the ports blocked anymore...

Just make sure you have a good firewall/anti-virus up and running, stick it in the DMZ, and see if you notice a difference..

If its much better in the DMZ, you just have to forward the correct ports, and you'll be good to go...

Here is a really good site for Port forwarding, and other routing info:


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