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ARizona People plz read...


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...since this section of the forum is most visited Im just gonna make a post here :) Anyway.....since there is a lot of people from arizona/phoenix that come to this website...how many of you would be interested to attend a LAN party, play some games, exchange data and stuff like that.....i would say that most of the people from phx based Counter strike clan (-=1HK=) will attend the LAN - so whats up ? are you in ?

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Moved topic to General Discussion. The other forum might be more popular, but this topic certainly doesn't belong there... anyway.

Good luck with the LAN party.

Edit: Pointless fact: General Discussion is actually the most popular forum. :roll:

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I'm down... CS rules! --- CS source or regular CS!??! -- I still haven't played source.

I played it when it was first released ( like some drewling fanboy ) and got an inferior 9 fps. After running around de_dust (which is the best map ever ; FPS wise that is ) the frames would slowly gain , but not by much... Then when battles started , oh hell. The frames dropped to 1 -> 3 and the comp would shut down lol. Needless to say, i think ill stick with my reg. cs . :coolmad:

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